Storage as a Service
for Business Critical Data

The simplicity of public cloud storage.  The control of dedicated storage.


Welcome to the Age of Composable Infrastructure

Kaminario named a Leader in 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid State Arrays

Datacenter Strategies for the As-a-Service Economy

Traditional storage infrastructure does not make sense in an era of elastic, subscription-based, cloud IT. Modern datacenters need to grow and flex with the businesses they support. They need to be intelligent and automated. We help IT organizations build software-defined, all-flash datacenter infrastructures with consumption-based, composable storage solutions.

The future is composable.

Agility and Simplicity of Public Cloud

Kaminario’s composable storage platform simplifies application infrastructure and simplifies the lives of teams supporting modern applications.  Combining a uniquely flexible storage paradigm with advanced automation and orchestration, Kaminario is the high performance backbone for business-critical, cloud-scale applications.  Leverage consumption-based pricing to align storage costs to your business model. Invest your capital in growth, not in underutilized storage.

Control and Performance of Dedicated Storage

Business-critical, data-driven applications require specialized storage infrastructure.  Kaminario’s storage-as-a-service platform delivers the agility and flexibility of public cloud with the control and performance of dedicated storage.  Learn why Gartner rates Kaminario the most capable storage platform for data-intensive workloads.


“Excellent Value, Reliability, and Simplicity"

Industry: Communications
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 30B+ USD

Composable Storage for Cloud-Scale Applications

Software composable storage offers a new paradigm for building cloud-scale application infrastructure.  Combining automation and orchestration with a highly flexible all-flash storage architecture, Kaminario delivers proven storage capability, seamless scalability, and autonomous management to the world’s leading cloud application providers.

Customer Stories

eToro, a unique social investment network, achieves high-speed performance and fuels business growth with the Kaminario All-Flash Array.

Exchange Solutions, a SaaS provider of credit card loyalty programs,  cut overall response times by half and storage platform response times by 80%

SharkNinja, an innovative retailer of small home goods, consolidates data centers, saves licensing cost and increases flexibility – delivering over 50% improvement in analytics performance.