5th Generation Scale-Up/Scale-Out All-Flash Array

The Most Cost-Effective All-Flash Enterprise Storage. The Only All-Flash Array that...

  • Scales Right: Does BOTH Scale-Up and Scale-Out
  • Globally adapts to applications block-size
  • Supports global inline selective deduplication
  • Allows to mix & match Controllers and SSDs
  • Has highest capacity utilization (87.5% with K-RAID™) and highest density (up to 64 TB/U)

The new generation of K2 has a design that is years ahead of other storage vendors. It is the industry's most cost-effective all-flash primary storage array on the market, optimized for the highest cost-effectiveness while also providing consistent performance and scalability across any workload in any environment. The K2 has true Scale-Out architecture with data and metadata distributed across all the nodes and all the SSDs in the system. With built in self-healing high availability and automated data protection K2 consistently delivers low latency, high throughput, and excellent IOPS performance needed by IT.

Kaminario Flash Array

K2 Features

Scalability Cost Effectiveness Performance
  • Flexible Scale-Right
  • Management-free Scaling
  • Fully Active/Active controllers
  • Scale-Up
  • Scale-Out
Cost Effectiveness
  • Lowest Overall Storage Costs
  • Redundancy Elimination
  • Lower Data Center Resources
  • Management Simplicity
  • Enterprise Resiliency
  • Consistent Low Latency
  • High Throughput and IOPS
  • Performance Enables Savings via Consolidation
  • Business-Enabling Responsiveness
  • Comprehensive Performance Monitoring
Capacity Efficiency Ease of Management Availability and Resiliency
Capacity Efficiency
  • Global Inline Selective Deduplication
  • Real-Time Inline Compression
  • Writable Snapshots
  • Thin Provisioning
  • High-Efficiency K-RAID™
Ease of Management
  • Simple Deployment and Management
  • Intuitive and easy-to-manage K2 Management GUI
  • Non-Disruptive Everything
  • VMware and Database Integration
Availability and Resiliency
  • K-RAID™ Data Protection
  • No Single Point of Failure (SPoF)
  • HealthShield™ Active Monitoring
  • Power Loss Recovery
  • Replication Between Sites

Key Benefits

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by more than 50%: Do more with less using Kaminario All-Flash storage. Start small from 7TB to 90TB in just 4U and grow while only paying for capacity and performance when needed by utilizing K2's unique scale-up and scale-out capabilities. K2 provides a lower cost solution than HDD storage.

Enterprise Resiliency: Maintain data availability and longevity in today's demanding 24 x 7 x 365 enterprise environments using snapshots, replication and with Kaminario new cloud based proactive HealthShield™.

Enable businesses: K2 Unleashes the power to support simultaneous workloads such as OLTP, OLAP, and VDI with highly efficient data reduction, adaptive block size, optimized consistent high performance, scalability and high availability.

Simplicity: Installing K2 is short and simple, and does not require any special adaptation for the user applications. K2 provides the storage admin with a friendly and intuitive interface to fully manage the system upon arrival.