Surviving Trade Show Season Like a Boss

Here we are at the end of March, another winter come and hopefully leaving for good ASAP. But, with the beginning of spring, another season is ushered in – the Conference season – those annual week-long excursions filled with informative sessions, branded goodies aka swag and vendor hosted parties that turn long nights into early mornings.

As a trade show veteran and road warrior, I am here to give you my expert advice on how to successfully navigate your conference and trade show experience so you come home no worse for the wear.


Large-scale conferences seem to always take place in two places – Orlando and Las Vegas. You will probably find yourself in one of those cities for a show, and if you’re like me and live on a coast, it’ll be a world away from your home time zone. Tackling jet lag can be tough, so my suggestion is to beat it up front. Are you flying out west? Avoid sleeping on your flight and stay up as late as possible when you arrive. Heading east? The day of your flight, wake up obnoxiously early, at least 3 hours before your normal alarm. Don’t nap – you should stay up throughout the day until succumbing to sleep at a respectable bedtime. I don’t have to tell anyone that a good night’s sleep is important, but putting jet lag behind you swiftly and quickly will transform your conference experience. If all else fails, there’s always coffee. It’s proven that coffee stops jet lag by rewinding the body clock – but there’s a catch. Read all about it here


If you’ve ever been to a conference and exhibition, you’re aware of the sheer vastness of the space you’re expected to navigate for 4-5 days. You will, literally, walk miles. Now is not the time to pack your brand-new-never-been-worn-insert-shoe-here to try out for a test drive. And if you *think* your shoes are comfortable, buy an insert to have on hand anyway. Four days standing in lines and running around may prove otherwise


This one is obvious, water is good for you. Plus, it’s 2017. If you haven’t jumped on board the “drink more water” train, there’s no better time than now. For conferences, this is relevant for several reasons. First off, again, you are probably in Orlando or Las Vegas and it’s summer. …It’s hot. Second, let’s be real, you’re probably boozing more than usual (remember the vendor parties I mentioned?). Hydrate before, hydrate during, hydrate after. A hangover at a conference, in crowds, during a session, in the heat – any one of those things is actually hell on Earth. Pick up a free refillable bottle from a vendor exhibitor, mark down the bathrooms on your conference map, and get your water on.

I hope to see you at one of the many conferences Kaminario will participate in this year. Feel free to share this with your network and make sure you list your best tips for navigating the trade show season!


Featured Image Credit: Rico Shen

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