Kaminario Helps Advance Quality Patient Care and Reduce Costs


Healthcare and Life Sciences IT is being reshaped by powerful forces – creating new challenges and opportunities for the modern healthcare datacenter. Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare are driven by the shift to digitization and modernization of patient health data. Electronic Health records (EHR) are transforming the business of healthcare while Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and mobility solutions are transforming how caregivers interact with patients. Add to this the explosion of healthcare data by as much as 2.4 Exabytes or 48% per year (what’s an Exabyte?), and you’ve got a perfect storm! That proliferation of data brings with it opportunities to garner new insights and create solutions that can dramatically improve the patient healthcare experience. It all starts with the data and access to it.  Quality patient care depends on secure and instantaneous access to the underlying data with the ability to quickly scale as needed. This is where Kaminario all-flash comes in – Kaminario solutions have been transforming healthcare IT with the K2  storage offering best-in-class performance, ridiculously simple management and extreme efficiencies.


Why Kaminario for Healthcare IT?

  1. Performance: Rated highest by Gartner for performance, the K2 provides consistent, reliable and immediate access to patient records.
  2. Mixed Workload and Analytics: A unique Adaptive Block Size architecture helps Kaminario customers optimize their storage environment by supporting multiple mixed workloads on the K2 without any performance impact.
  3. Desktop Virtualization and Mobility: Gartner rated Kaminario K2 the second highest for VDI and Server Virtualization highlighting low latencies and overall efficiencies of a flexible scale-up and -out architecture. VDI has now become a critical component of any clinical operation with a keen eye on delivering timely care, increasing productivity and reducing costs. The K2 is proud to have helped many healthcare and life sciences customers in their journey towards a 100% virtualized IT infrastructure
  4. Drastically lower TCO: Flash changes storage economics in a way that hasn’t been seen in many years in the healthcare IT industry. The combination of real-time data compression and reduplication means that less overall capacity is required to store patient and care data. To take the guesswork out of capacity management, Kaminario offers an iron-clad guarantee on useable storage capacity as part of its ForeSight Assurance program


Kaminario helps advance quality patient care and reduce costs. Read the blog to learn more! #AllFlashSuperheroes


Kaminario Healthcare Clients Achieve immediate benefits

Kaminario Healthcare customers have achieved immediate benefits in improving the daily delivery of patient care. For example, El Rio Community Health partenered with Kaminario to address severe latency issues in their mission critical EHR application and ultimately improve patient satisfaction. Similarly Memorial Hospital built an all-flash infrastructure on K2 consolidating EHR systems, VDI and other healthcare applications and achieving unprecedented cost-efficiency. Revere Health with over 100 locations managed their unpredictable growth with the scale-out K2 offering a straightforward growth path without the complexity of legacy systems.

Any issues related to performance were immediately eliminated, 100%. Time saved adds up to more people being seen, more people getting quality health care  – Todd Portz, Technology Manager, El Rio Community Health

Read this solution brief to understand how Kaminario delivers highly valuable predictability for the highly unpredictable world of modern healthcare IT. If you like what you see, talk to a healthcare infrastructure expert at Kaminario to see how we can help or talk to one of our customers about their journey!


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