Kaminario Brings Speed to Happiness

If you’re someone who enjoys (or has the time) to wait around for something to work, I don’t suggest reading any further. In reality though, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone like that, am I right? Ok, perhaps there is but it’s just my Grandpa who doesn’t own an electronic device nor know how to work one. But seriously, no one likes to wait around for an application or data to load during a deadline project. We all need instant access to information at all times to survive our daily lives. What drives that instant access to information you ask?


Happiness.  We naturally desire to be happy and bring happiness to others.


For example, I swear by Airbnb when I’m planning a trip away, whether it’s a trip with family or my bachelorette party to Nashville. Airbnb makes it so convenient to search for a place in any city with extensive filter options to narrow your results based on the number of  people, home type, price range, amenities, and so many more. When I was booking a place in Nashville, I got instant anxiety as I pressed the ‘Book Now’ button after entering my credit card information. The response and confirmation back from the site took too long and my instant reaction is that something bad is happening. Luckily though, it went through to the next page and no one got hurt, instant happiness to cowboys and line dancing.


If it’s not Airbnb, maybe we are downloading the #1 country song to add to our party mix. Maybe we are installing WeeChat to connect with our friend traveling in China who couldn’t make it. Or maybe we are analyzing the latest food reviews on google to pick the top place to eat dinner in Nashville while we’re visiting.


It’s not about the metrics. It’s about the outcomes.


The speed of all these actions directly leads to happiness. In my role here at Kaminario I often get to work with great companies whose bottom line is directly impacted by their customers happiness.  David Schlaifer, CEO, DAShealth™ was recently quoted as saying….

“You can focus on metrics all you want, but at the end of the day in our business it is customer satisfaction that matters. Kaminario enabled us to deliver lightning fast performance to our customers: physicians serving their patients.”

I’m often asked by non-techie friends – “So what does Kaminario do”? As I start to respond with the standard blurb about All-flash storage, I know that I’m losing them. That’s when I know. It’s not about the technology or the product. It’s about the outcome. So I tell them –


“Kaminario brings speed to happiness”

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