The Path from Cool Vendor in Storage to Magic Quadrant Leader for Solid State Arrays

It has been nine years since we founded Kaminario.  While it always feels as if the years have flown by, it is incredible to think how much has changed.

A quick look at Google trends shows how some of the trends that are shaping the modern enterprise technology landscape were barely talked about back then.  Big Data and IoT were just early concepts with few discussing the significance to modern business.  Even cloud computing was still in its over-hyped infancy relative to the mainstream adoption we are in today.  The all-flash array market size wasn’t even tracked in 2009. Gartner reports the Solid State Array market has grown over 10x since 2013.

Gartner named Kaminario a “Cool Vendor in Storage” in 2011.  Since then, our technology platform has matured.  Our brand has emerged.  Our go-to-market strategy has developed.  Our team has grown and diversified.  We have expanded the set of partners we work with.  Our customer base has grown exponentially.

What hasn’t changed is our focus.  We stay focused helping our customers grow their businesses easily and cost-effectively.   We stay focused developing segments of the market where we see the most opportunity – namely the private cloud infrastructures supporting SaaS companies, on-demand applications, and enterprise private clouds.  We stay focused on a channel-first selling model based on win-win relationships with a strategic set of selling partners.   And we stay focused on our no-compromise approach to technology development that is anchored in the principle of software-defined architecture married to cutting edge commodity hardware.

Kaminario emerged as a Visionary in the inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays in 2014.  We navigated up and to the right through 2015 and 2016 as the market landscape changed substantially around us.

Being named a leader in Gartner’s 2017 Solid State Array Magic Quadrant marks another milestone for the company.   But it does not mean a change in strategy.  We will continue to focus on our customers, focus on our partners, focus on cutting edge technology innovation, and focus on staying focused.

I have never been more excited about what’s to come for Kaminario.  I see the solid-state array landscape changing dramatically over the next few years.  For Kaminario, I see transformational technology evolution, transformational partnerships, and the opportunity to bring sources of value creation for our customers.  Our journey up and to the right is just beginning.


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