Ritu Jyoti

Today, our flash interview is with Deni Connor, the co-founder of SSG-NOW, an industry analyst firm that provides a selection of briefs and white papers on storage, server and systems companies and their technologies. In our discussion, we cover Deni’s foray into the storage world, redesigning storage architecture, and the importance of tiering in flash storage….

Eyal Markovich

A couple of months ago I presented a session at Collaborate 2014 on the advantages of running Oracle on Flash. After speaking with many DBAs at the conference, it became clear that the Oracle compression feature is gaining momentum as one of the hottest features for improving performance and storage efficiency. This inspired me to…

Ritu Jyoti

In April, we kicked off a five-part blog series in which we examine the most common enterprise storage pain points, and the features enterprises should consider when looking for a vendor. For a refresher, check out our post, “Storage Done Better Part 1: The High Cost of Enterprise Storage.” As you may recall, we’ve identified…

Ritu Jyoti

Ed. note: In “Storage Snippets,” we’ll round up the latest and greatest news in the storage world today. This week, we look at the year’s coolest flash storage startups, tips for getting storage tiers right, how to use flash for real-time archive, and more. Got a news tip? Send it our way @KaminarioFlash #StorageSnippets, and stay…

William Bodei

This two-part series will take a look at historical shifts and changing definitions within the storage industry. In the first part of this series, we’ll examine the introduction of thin provisioning and how this impacted the storage industry. Storage Taxonomy in the 21st Century When is a terabyte not a terabyte? An odd question, unless…

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