What’s Next for Virtualized Datacenters?

Consolidation of virtualized servers delivers both substantial cost savings and increased operational flexibility. However, consolidated servers can produce a widely varying and random blend of I/O demands that can seriously degrade the performance of most legacy and hybrid storage arrays.

Kaminario K2’s ability to efficiently scale-up and out to handle demanding mixed workloads and blended I/O make it an ideal primary storage tier for consolidating virtual servers.

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Rely on High Performance Regardless of Workload Consolidation

K2’s intelligent design provides consistent low latency and high throughput/IOPS, across even the random blends of concurrent I/O requests typical in consolidated server workloads. This reliable performance under load ensures that the K2 AFA does not become a bottleneck, even during unanticipated periods of peak demand.


Enjoy Highly Linear Scale-Out Performance

In benchmarks where host servers and K2 array resources were scaled-out by a factor of two, OLTP and OLAP workloads run in virtualized database servers, showed that the throughput increased by 1.7X and the amount of IOPS doubled. K2’s low latency is maintained from its initial entry-level configuration to a fully-scaled array, delivering predictable server and application performance.


Lower Licensing and Server Costs

Consolidation of IT infrastructure silos and elimination of redundant and over-provisioned server and storage hardware by standardizing on K2 AFAs, supports the same number of servers, applications and users with less hardware cost and fewer software licenses.


Create Efficient Provisioning of Development, Test and Training Servers

Sandboxed virtual servers needed for internal development, QA testing and user training can benefit greatly from K2’s global inline selective deduplication, with their physical capacity requirements reduced by as much as 95%. Copying server VMs using K2’s native writeable snapshots is fast and saves up to 90% compared to traditional VM copying.

Shai Toren

General Manager at Intigua

We selected Kaminario K2 v5 for our enterprise storage needs because it has one of the most efficient architectures we’ve seen on the market, allowing us to maximize our storage capacity of 300TB at a footprint of just 4U, keep pace with the demands of our customers, and simplify the management stack operations in different workload environments. We also reduced costs by minimizing the average amount of storage required for each VM.  We were able to deploy over 7,000 virtual servers on a single K-Block configuration of K2 v5, with a data reduction rate of 20:1.”

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