What's next for Database-driven Applications?

As the software backbone of modern customer-facing applications, database performance is a critical component to customer experience. Managing production database workloads now and as you grow must be the focus of your storage strategy. Learn how Kaminario can help you build a storage infrastructure that will support your strategy today and tomorrow.

Database-driven Applications

Pre-Validated Solutions With Industry Leading Database Platforms


Make Production Databases Hum

Getting optimal performance from database servers is highly dependant on supporting storage infrastructure. Production systems must be able to quickly process revenue-producing transactions around the clock, while simultaneously executing demanding I/O operations like backups, database replication/failover, and OLAP business analytics and reporting. The K2 maintains consistent IOPS, throughput and low latencies even in the face of demanding mixed database workloads.


Consolidate Databases on a Single Storage Platform

Consolidating multiple databases on a single K2 array can greatly reduce the required investment in software licenses and server hardware. The scale-up-and-out architecture lets a single implementation scale to support any number of databases. K2’s consistent performance and writeable snapshots can allow long-running analytical and reporting workloads to concurrently share the same storage array with time-critical transaction processing.


Gain Operational Efficiencies with Powerful Native Compression

The K2’s native compression can substantially reduce the physical capacity required for database volumes while selective inline deduplication reduces the space needed for server virtual machine operating systems, with no decrease in throughput and no extra load on the host server CPUs.


Clone Databases Faster than Ever

Using K2’s native writeable snapshots to clone or backup databases saves time and prevents disruption to ongoing transaction workloads. Snapshots can also save up to 90% of the capacity needed for cloned databases and let OLAP analytics run against snapshots without risk to production SLAs.


Complete Backups Faster with Native Data Protection Features

The K2’s replication and snapshots enable rapid database backups to complete faster, with no impact on production transaction and query processing. Replicating consistent point-in-time snapshots gives the remote site the flexibility of working on up-to-date data as well as recovering from a consistent state if needed.

Gregory S. Thomas

Vice President of IT, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.

“The Kaminario K2 enabled us to consolidate our database environment onto one fast, reliable and scalable storage system and to expand our platform to multiple application servers to respond to the increasing demands from our users.”

John Feldkamp

SVP, IT Services, Allant Group

“With Kaminario developers and customers can now spend less time working around slower disk and latency concerns. This gives us more options when it comes to scheduling work and end user activity.”

Running Oracle on Kaminario

Running Oracle on Kaminario

Kaminario K2 delivers consistently high performance in complex, mixed workload database environments.  In this demo, we’ll see the K2 running both OLTP and Analytics workloads.  We’ll also see the capability to apply the K2’s native inline compression to enhance capacity efficiency.

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