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Storage solutions that grow up, out, and forward just like your business. 5th generation plaform with unique set of technology benefits enabled by years of R&D and 20+ patents.

Agile Storage Infrastructure

The K2 is uniquely capable of scaling up and scaling out.  Cost effectively add capacity by adding additional drive shelves to a pair of controller nodes.  Deliver higher performance within a shared pool of storage volumes by scaling out. Independently optimize for both performance and cost efficiency according to the needs of your business.

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Storage Innovation

Cost Efficiency


Scale Up

The K2 scales-up to cost-effectively add capacity to a pair of controller nodes. And, the K2 scales-out to deliver higher performance within a shared pool of storage volumes.

By enabling both scale-up and scale-out, customers can optimize for both performance and cost efficiency for their specific application.


Best In-Class Capacity Efficiency

The K2 delivers the ultimate in capacity efficiency through a proprietary version of RAID 6, called K-RAID, global inline deduplication and compression, and thin provisioning. Delivering the highest levels of capacity efficiency ensures the K2 is always highly cost-effective across any enterprise use case.


Always the Most Current

Kaminario PerpetualArray™ lets customers add the latest flash, networking, and CPU hardware to existing K2 implementations. This protects investments by ensuring customers can scale with the highest performance, most cost-effective hardware available and retire older hardware non-disruptively.  

Storage Innovation

Trusted & Secure


Cloud-Based Monitoring

Kaminario HealthShield™ is a cloud-based, call-home and analytics engine that delivers proactive monitoring and troubleshooting. Tightly integrated with Kaminario’s world-class support, HealthShield™ complements high-availability features by ensuring hardware failures never impact availability.  



K2’s native snapshot-based replication provides a practical disaster recovery solution with no extra hardware or software. Simple to manage, this highly flexible replication approach delivers the ability to create consistent backups between sites with no impact on production performance.

Storage Innovation


Modern management console delivers comprehensive control and analytics with RESTful API for extending to 3rd party management platforms including VSS for Microsoft environments and vCenter plug-in for VMware. Or keep it old school with a fully scriptable CLI.

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Storage Innovation



Performance Across Workloads

The K2 incorporates a proprietary algorithm that adapts I/O to the specific block size of different application workloads in order to optimize performance without compromising on IOPS, latency, or bandwidth. The K2 can deliver consistently high performance, even in mixed workload environments.


Scale Out

To support the ebb and flow of your business your storage should be capable of scaling up capacity while increasing performance.

The K2 scales-out, adding controller capacity to support higher I/O requirements enabling consistent performance as the environment scales.

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Learn how K2 helped Clearwater Analytics improve application performance, reduce reconciliation and report load times to improve customer experience.

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