Predictability for the Unpredictable World

In the data center, predictable doesn’t mean boring.  Storage infrastructure needs to evolve at the rate your business does. Learn how Kaminario is addressing the needs of the modern enterprise data center.


Predictable Scalability

The K2 was designed from the ground up to scale easily and cost-effectively. Customers scale non-disruptively according to their specific capacity and performance needs. Managing mixed workloads from a single implementation delivers superior economics and simplified management.

Predictable Performance

The combination of scaling-out and the ability to provide consistent performance in mixed workload environments means the K2 supports a consistently high user experience, even as businesses scale, usage patterns change, and new applications are brought online.


Predictable Price

The combination of K2 scale-up-and-out architecture with PerpetualArrayTM and its best-in-class capacity efficiency, means Kaminario can deliver highly predictable pricing on a dollar per effective capacity basis. This lets customers more effectively plan and manage expenses as they grow their business.


Predictable Simplicity

Kaminario and our K2 All-Flash Array Platform are both engineered for simplicity. Simple to work with. Simple to evaluate. Simple to implement. Simple to manage. Simple to grow. Simple to appreciate.

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