Introducing K2.N and Flex. Let’s change the game.

Leveraging software-defined architecture and NVMe connectivity. Welcome to the era of composable storage.

Press Release

Kaminario K2.N

Kaminario K2.N is a true scale-out, active-active storage array based on fully converged NVMe over fabric backend and NVMe drives. K2.N is powered by the award-winning VisionOS software-defined architecture delivering full-featured, proven, enterprise-class data services.



To learn more about NVMe and how to get more that a retrofit from it, listen in to the on-demand webinar “NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and Beyond” to learn:

  1. What is NVMe?
  2. What is NVMe over Fabrics?
  3. What to expect from NVMe and when should you switch?
  4. How to go BEYOND NVMe to tap into the full potential of memory based storage

Kaminario Flex

Kaminario Flex is a storage orchestration platform for managing K2.N resources. Dynamically configure K2.N resources through the Flex dashboard, creating virtual private arrays (VPAs).  Scale-up. Scale-out. Scale-in.  Welcome to the era of composable storage.

Analyst Opinion

Eric Burgener

Research Director, IDC

For an increasing number of real-time big data analytics and extremely high performance database environments, NVMe technology is already needed to meet latency, throughput, and/or bandwidth requirements. But Kaminario’s application of this technology to also offer composability with very high speed data mobility is an NVMe use case that is much more broadly applicable to a larger variety of workloads today.

Ben Woo

Principal Analyst, Infrastructure & the Cloud

Kaminario has demonstrated leadership in leveraging NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics. The advancement of the software-defined K2 powered by VisionOS, now with NVMe SSDs, unified NVMe over fabrics, a new orchestration, automation and analytics layer is the Composable Storage of the future. K2.N and Flex will bring the agility of infrastructure-as-a-service environments coupled with extreme performance of shared accelerated storage to private- and hybrid-cloud data centers.”

Howard Marks

Kaminario’s K2.N demonstrates how fast the storage industry moves, just a year after the standardization of NVMe over fabrics K2.N leverages NVMEoF’s to create an ultra-low latency scaleable storage fabric. Since K2.N extends Kaminario’s VisionOS to support NVMEoF customers don’t have to choose between networked NVMe’s performance and data services as they would with many of the startup’s more limited or proprietary systems. With the addition of Kaminario Flex, K2.N will become a completely composable system allowing users to orchestrate controllers and NVMe JBOF storage dynamically into virtual arrays for almost unlimited flexibility and efficiency.

Technology Partners

The next generation of storage solutions will be based on open hardware solutions. Kaminario is partnering with industry leaders on the development of composable storage solutions to address the needs of the as-a-service world.

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