Storage for the All-Flash Data Center

The Kaminario K2 all-flash array leverages a unique software-defined architecture that delivers predictable performance, scalability and cost-efficiency—highly valued predictability for the unpredictable world of the modern datacenter. Find out how.

Storage Without Compromise

Highly innovative software defined architecture combined with tightly integrated hardware platform to deliver maximum agility, scalability, cost efficiency, and simplicity.



Enterprise Class Resiliency

Optimized RAID protection, high availability design, and native replication deliver enterprise class resiliency.


Performance Optimized

Scale-out architecture and patented I/O optimization algorithms deliver consistently high performance in complex workload environments.


Designed for Scalability

Scale capacity and performance independently based on application needs.  Add newest hardware to existing arrays with PerpetualArrayTM.


Manage Mixed Workloads

Deploy as a general purpose storage solution.  Manage multiple workloads from a centrally managed storage platform.


Ultimate Cost Efficiency

Take maximum advantage of commoditization of flash to deliver enterprise class AFA at average price under $1/GB.

flash array adoption graph

Leveraging the Economics Value of Flash Media

Flash media has benefited from step changes in cost efficiency.  With benefit of Moore’s Law and the introduction of 3D TLC, the economics of flash keep getting better.  K2 is architected to rapidly support the newest, densest flash.  Perpetual Array enables customers to integrated the newest hardware in existing implementations.

The Next Generation of All-Flash Array Technology is Here

The K2 All-flash array is the backbone of the modern data center. Uniquely equipped to scale easily and cost-effectively in mixed workload environments, the K2 is the first and only platform to deliver on the simplicity and agility of the all-flash vision.


Frederick Van Haren

Senior Director of R&D, Nuance Communications

“Kaminario’s K2 provided the best combination of scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. Their architecture gives them unique capability to deliver consistently high performance in mixed workload”

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