Storage for what's next

All-flash Enterprise Storage For Getting From Now To Next.

Making the All Flash Data Center
Worry Free Now and Forever

Kaminario K2, the first all flash array capable of managing the full range of applications supported by the modern data center, is now backed by the storage industry’s most comprehensive business assurance program, K-Assured™.

Predictable Storage for an Unpredictable World



Highly efficient architecture and scale-up economics deliver best in class cost efficiency.  Average pricing at less than $1/GB.


Scale-out architecture and proprietary I/O management delivers consistently high performance for any workload.


Simple to implement. Simple to manage.  Simple to scale.  IT managers get time back to focus on strategy.



Unique scale up and out architecture lets you scale performance and  capacity independently based on your needs.

Designed for the Modern Data Center

K2’s ease of management ensures that both initial deployment and day-to-day operations are simple and straightforward. K2 leverages an agile, software-defined architecture to empower storage administrators with an easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful, all-flash array platform designed for the modern enterprise data center.

Case Studies

cobb emc logo

Cobb Electric Membership Corporation adopts Kaminario’s next generation all flash storage platform to realize the performance, scalability, and simplicity of the all flash data center.  


Pioneer in software-defined data center software leverages Kaminario to optimize development process by supercharging their QA process


Scentsy’s growth as an online retailer depended on their ability to cost-efficiently scale a high performance infrastructure.  They chose Kaminario.